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5 Reasons to Invest in Lakeland FL Pool Enclosures This Summer

5 Reasons to Invest in Lakeland FL Pool Enclosures This Summer

Pools are a great way to add value to your Florida home, as well as a substantial boost to your quality of life! What better way to escape the heat of summer than a quick dip in the water? If you are fortunate enough to have your own pool, you may be wondering how to best protect this considerable investment into your home. The answer is easy – with Lakeland FL pool enclosures! Read on to find 5 of our reasons why you should protect your pool with an enclosure this summer.

Provide Shade from Sunlight

Unlike pool covers or pool blankets, installing a pool enclosure protects you if you live in an area with long, intense summers, constantly exposing you to the sun’s harmful rays. They provide shade, keep you cooler and reduce cleaning and maintenance times and costs. Although they cost more, retractable pool enclosures are ideal for providing you with the best of both worlds - shade when you need it and partially opened to allow in a refreshing breeze.

Added Security for Little Ones

If you have children or pets, you are always wary of them being around an open pool. A pool enclosure is one way to keep the risks down. You can enclose the entire area or just a section. With end panels, doors, windows, and side walls, you have increased security and safety. This is perfect when you are home but even better if you are away from home. Being able to lock up your pool enclosure helps your neighborhood stay safe. 

Expand Your Living Space

A swimming pool is like an extension to your home and a pool enclosure is like adding a summer living room. It makes your home feel more spacious and luxurious, helping you to entertain guests outdoors for longer without worrying about the elements. It helps define the space and allows you to enhance it.

Save on Chemicals

If you have chlorine in your pool, the sun’s rays burn off chlorine which means you are continually topping up the chemicals in your pool. That is expensive and time consuming. Using a pool enclosure means you can block the sun’s rays and use less chemicals in your pool. Regular use of chemicals is not only expensive but can also affect your health. Eye irritation, breathing problems and bacteria build up means swimming pool chemicals are necessary, but using pool enclosures helps to control exposure to pollutants, phosphates, leaves, and dirt and reduce the amount of chemicals you have to use.

Do What You Love, Longer

Having year-round access to your pool is good for your health, great for entertaining with family and friends, or doing laps. Protecting your pool from the elements means you can do these more often and longer during the year.

If these benefits of pool enclosures sound enticing to you, contact White Aluminum to get started on your installation! Each of our enclosures are custom designed to suit your pool, spa, or patio areas around your home. Call us today to get your free quote!

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