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3 Surprising Ways to Save with Lakeland Awnings (and More!)

3 Surprising Ways to Save with Lakeland Awnings (and More!)

These days, we are all looking for ways to save where we can - while still enjoying our homes to the fullest! Fortunately, many home improvement projects end up paying for themselves over time because of the savings they deliver in the months and years after installation, including Lakeland awnings and other fun projects. Just read on to learn more about these cost-efficient projects and how we can help you achieve them at White Aluminum Lakeland!

New Lakeland windows

Just like a brand-new, energy-efficient appliance, a new set of windows can modernize your home and help it run at a lower cost long-term! This is because our windows are double-glazed to keep those strong, damaging rays away, while still showcasing the view outdoors in crisp, vivid color. Enjoy the best of both worlds from the comfort of home! Not to mention, you'll keep your cool, conditioned air inside - further saving you on your energy bill.

Lakeland awnings

To further protect those gorgeous new windows, let White Aluminum install stylish custom awnings! Ours are made with a durable, baked-on, high-glass finish with open slats that help block UV rays without blocking the light altogether. The result is multifold - cool shade with soft natural light; reduced heating and cooling costs; and no costly replacements for your gorgeous drapes, furniture and flooring that might otherwise be faded by the sun.

Pool enclosures Lakeland FL

Even your splashing space outdoors can be a source of cost savings when you add a pool enclosure! Because our beautifully constructed pool enclosures reduce evaporation due to strong, sunny rays, you will not have to spend as much on heating and chemical cleaning costs - helping you splash and swim a little more carefree.

Here at White Aluminum Lakeland, not only are our services built with affordability in mind - we know that your projects will pay for themselves over time with decreases in your monthly energy bill! Talk about serious peace of mind. Just call us today to get started.

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