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Top Hurricane Shutters to Know for Storm Season

Top Hurricane Shutters to Know for Storm Season

During hurricanes and other severe storm systems, strong winds can turn lots of things into projectiles. This includes patio furniture, tree branches, and flowerpots, just to name a few. Without the protection of hurricane shutters, then your windows may be getting hung out to dry when they need that safety the most. Below, we explain the different types of hurricane shutters that are available so you can make the best decision for your home today.

Roll-Up Shutters

These hurricane shutters get their name from the process in which they extend out of a box above your windows to cover your windows when needed. Depending on the specific style, they can either be lowered manually or automatically with a simple push of a button. Then, after the storm has passed, they roll back up into their box to stay out of sight when not in operation.

Accordion Shutters

Aptly named, accordion shutters attach to either side of your windows and extend outwards when in use to offer full coverage. They can come in one- or two-piece configurations but be careful, as accordion shutters may not fit aesthetically with the look of your home. Often, they are made out of polycarbonate or metal – similar to roll-up shutters.

Bahama Shutters

This one-piece louvered shutter pulls serious double duty. When you’re not wary of an approaching storm, Bahama shutters can be propped open to offer shade, and its horizontal slats are sure to keep out rain and block glare from direct sunlight. However, once the time comes to hunker down, then Bahama shutters can be pulled shut to offer protection from the storm.

Other Shutters

  • Colonial shutters boast an elegant look to go along with their storm protection. When not in use, this two-piece louvered shutter attaches to both sides of your windows and offers an aesthetically pleasing look. Then, when a storm is on its way, all you have to do is pull them shut over your windows.
  • Storm panel shutters get their strength from grooved, overlapping storm panels. These are often made from steel or aluminum, which both promise high durability. Storm panel shutters attach to the walls surrounding your windows on bolts or tracks so that they can slide into place when necessary.

White Aluminum is your go-to partner in all things storm protection and security. As new products become available, we add them to our list of inventory so that we can offer you the very best that our industry has to offer. Give White Aluminum a call today to learn more about our options for storm protection and security.

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