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10 Fun Lakeland Patio Enhancement Ideas

10 Fun Lakeland Patio Enhancement Ideas

Your Lakeland patio is the perfect place to unwind, recharge and enjoy some quality family time all year long! Show it some TLC with some of our favorite patio enhancement ideas below.

Relaxing hammock

We all love a good sofa or patio armchair - but sometimes, you just want to lie down and enjoy a carefree, weightless experience! A portable hammock is perfect for this. You can set it up on your patio or string it between two sturdy trees for the ultimate snooze.

Luxurious fire pit

This isn't your childhood campfire! Today, we love luxurious fire pits that can be built into your patio coffee table or stand alone. Either way, opt to use fire structures in the open areas of your backyard as opposed to covered, close-to-the-home seating areas for safety. 

Seriously good seating

Many of us tend to treat our patio furniture as an afterthought - a sparse, slightly-less-comfortable counterpart to our relaxing interiors. But it doesn't have to be this way! Endless options abound for stylish, comfy sectionals and sofas that are outdoor-friendly. 

Warm, welcoming lighting

Even when day turns to night, warm lighting (think old-fashioned lanterns or twinkling string lights) can help make your patio an inviting space. Today, there are so many affordable options out there to choose from.

Cool coverage

Pool enclosures, patio covers, screen rooms and pergolas are all fun ways to turn your patio into a more liveable space! These structures are especially appreciated during the warmer summer months, when we crave an escape from the harsh sun above.

A lush escape

Speaking of pergolas...

You can grow beautiful twisting vines on your structure's posts and overhang, or lay out gorgeous greenery all around for a lush garden escape - the perfect place to retreat with a good book or your morning coffee.


A simple outdoor speaker can help you bring your favorite tunes outdoors! With your favorite poolside playlist on loop, you might just feel like your home's turned into a bona fide resort. 

Moving water

No pool? No worries! You can still enjoy the big benefits of moving H2O with features like a fun fountain.

Hidden storage

Working with a small outdoor space? Hidden storage (such as an outdoor coffee table with a hollow inside) can be just what you need for stowing away towels, pool toys and other items.

Funky pillows

Fun, bold designs aren't just for your indoor upholstery! Treat your patio set to a set of funky, artistic pillows that invite guests to kick back and relax. You can even opt for pillows that double as makeshift low-to-the-ground seats for extra entertaining space.

Which of these patio ideas are you most excited to try? Let us know, and we'll help you bring your vision to life with pergolas, patio covers and other fun, functional touches. The team here at White Aluminum Lakeland can't wait to work with you.

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