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Can a Vinyl Siding Contractor Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

Can a Vinyl Siding Contractor Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

Vinyl siding is a sturdy material that comes in a wide array of beautiful colors to match the look of your home. Besides providing your home with a refreshed aesthetic, vinyl siding also has the incredible benefit of improving your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, there are a few reasons why vinyl siding can boost your energy savings. Just read on to learn more!

Add More Insulation Levels

Energy efficiency relies heavily on insulation. Too little insulation and your home may suffer from air leaks, whereas too much insulation can be costly. Insulation acts as a big bubble that will keep your conditioned air trapped inside, while also blocking out effects from outdoor temperatures. Vinyl siding is not as thick as some other materials, but it is especially renowned for being airtight. This creates a seal around your home, preventing air from escaping.

Save Money on Heating Bills

As we transition into fall and winter, temperatures in Florida will gradually drop – especially at night. Since vinyl siding insulates your home, it will trap heat inside and keep you warm throughout the colder months of the year. Poorly insulated walls are more likely to let air out, which means you’ll need to run your heater more. Simply raising your insulation with vinyl siding can result in roughly $70 of savings for fuel costs per year!

Use Less Energy to Cool Your Home

Alternatively, when it’s much hotter outside, vinyl siding excels at trapping cold air inside your home. In addition to the extra insulation that it adds, vinyl siding helps to reflect the sun’s rays thanks to a titanium dioxide capstock that it is often coated with. This deflects ultraviolet rays, which prevents them from penetrating your siding and warming up your home. Plus, vinyl siding is water-tight! This results in less humidity inside your home, which is important for homeowners in Florida.

Less Waste of Building Materials

Choosing vinyl siding does more than improve your home’s energy efficiency. It also impacts the number of resources used to create the building materials for your home! This is because vinyl typically lasts for at least 20 years while maintaining a clean look and effective insulation. Then, when vinyl is damaged, the siding is designed to be replaced piece by piece. This allows homeowners to only fix the areas that need it rather than replacing the entire wall!

These reasons make vinyl siding an obvious choice for any home. You will reap the benefits right away with a more comfortable home, as well as in the future with cheaper energy bills. If you are interested in finding a trustworthy vinyl siding contractor, simply reach out to White Aluminum! We have a wide array of products, including Lakeland windows, awnings, and more to keep your home safe – even during severe weather.

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