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Spend More Time on Your Lakeland Patio with Retractable Screen Systems

Spend More Time on Your Lakeland Patio with Retractable Screen Systems

As we descend into spring in Florida and temperatures are getting to a desirable and pleasant warmth, it is natural to want to go outside and soak it in! However, how many times have you tried to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season from your patio or seating area only to be interrupted by pesky pests or smothering heat? Retractable screen systems provide solutions to these issues – continue reading to learn more!

You Control the Temperature

The weather is already starting to heat up after a brisk winter, and it is only going to increase in intensity as we approach the summer season. These temperatures are meant to be enjoyed, and it is possible to still make the most of a warm and sunny day without getting too hot. By utilizing a retractable screen system, you get to choose exactly when to protect your outdoor space from excessive sunlight and heat to create a more hospitable environment once it is time to go outside. This way, even if temperatures might peak into the triple digits this year, you can still enjoy a relaxing day on the patio, cold drink in hand.

Say Goodbye to Your Insect Problem

How many times has an attempt at relaxation outside gone awry due to interference from pesky critters? We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their outdoor space without needing to swat away flies and mosquitos, and retractable screen systems grant you the power to keep all the undesirables out while still enjoying the outdoor experience. Not only are insects annoying, but they may also carry disease as well. Foster a safer and more relaxing experience with White Aluminum’s retractable screen systems.

Improve Home Value and Save Energy

Retractable screen systems are an attractive feature to home buyers because they offer all the benefits of permanent screens with some increased flexibility. Not only will they increase the value of your home, making it more appealing to buyers, but they will also save you money in your day-to-day! By utilizing these systems, you can choose to allow less light into your home, which means indoor temperatures will stay more consistent and you will not have to spend as much on utilities. Invest in retractable screen systems and you will reap the benefits in both the short term and long term.

No Need to Compromise Aesthetic

Adding retractable screen systems to your home will not come at the cost of curb appeal. With stylish standard colors, as well as other custom colors to choose from, White Aluminum can provide you with systems that are customized to match the pre-existing look of your home. When the time has come to deploy your screens, they will blend right in with everything else, promising comfort and style.

If your home is in need of retractable screen systems, contact White Aluminum in Lakeland today! We offer a plethora of options that will fit and improve any home. Make the most of your outdoor space and enjoy it better than ever before with help from your local aluminum and windows experts.

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